EF DAVIDS CONSTRUCTION PTY (LTD) is Construction Company Specialising in the Civil Construction General Building for Clients in the Governmental, Commercial and Residential Sector.

The founder member of EF DAVIDS CONSTRUCTION PTY (LTD) (EBRAHIM DAVIDS) started off his career as a labourer in 1995 in the construction industry. He later became an artesian as a tiler and worked very hard until he was then promoted to a foreman where he had the responsibility of overlooking big sites and many workforces.

It was then when he decided to become an entrepreneur in the tiling industry and registered a company MTS TILERS CC in 2005. However, as time went and the services we delivered was more than satisfactory MR DAVIDS also started doing small renovations and alterations, employing more skilled workers in various fields in the construction industry etc. (plumbers, plasterers, bricklayers and painters). As a small Company that has grown into one of the Competitors in our Industry Delivering a consistent High Standard. Our main Objective is to provide Satisfactory Service to our Clients and Customers to help them see their Dream come true.

EF Construction takes pride in having a young black male as the managing director and owner of the company and is hundred percent black owned. Hence EF David’s is an entity recognised and registered by National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as a Construction Company.

Our Company is not only committed to, at least meeting the minimum standards laid down by relative sectoral determination, but also abide by the Code of Conduct prescribe by the Building Industrial Bargaining Council (BIBC) as required by basic conditions of Employment Act, 1997 Sector 30.


Our Vision is to strive and continue being one of the best construction company and service providers in South Africa.


Constant growth within the company has seen EF David Construction from a single entity to a staff compliment of 20 employees. All of whom have experienced in a field of their own and supports Our Business, Mission, Vision and Company objectives.
Mr Ebrahim David’s manages the company on a sound business plan with guidelines on where the company should be as projected based on target set by the company.


One of our focuses as a company is to empower the previously disadvantage individuals by giving them an opportunity to acquire experience and develop their skills through our business so they can ultimately reach their fullest potential.

We do believe in equal opportunities; hence, we give opportunities to both male and female so as do not only build them, but share different skills and expertise to further grow the business.


To Realise Our Clients Vision and To Provide the Most Reasonable Terms in Quality, Pricing and Efficiency about our Services and Products and to be at the Forefront amongst our Companies.
To Train and Develop our Employees in all Aspects of our Industry to provide Existing and Prospective Clients with Professionally Trained Personnel. To Liaise with all Clients regularly, to ensure that Services & Products provide are Efficient, Effective and Satisfactorily. Lastly, to contribute to all government Pre-Requisites to improve the position of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities thus projecting The Business Social Responsibility Contribution to This Objective.


Our Vision is to strive and continue being one of the best construction company and service providers in South Africa.